Who we are?

“Building Development Holding” EOOD is one of the biggest construction companies in Bulgaria, a leader in environmental and infrastructure construction. The Holding Company was established in 2002 with 100% private capital.

The Company provides a full range of machinery and equipment, necessary for realization of a wide range of construction projects. Besides environmental and infrastructure construction, the Holding is specialized at high-rise construction, as well at the construction of administrative, residential and business buildings and hotel complexes.

Rapid and stable development of the Company is due to the staff resources of highly- qualified managers and employees, as well as to up-to-date production and technical facilities. Over the years the Company has invested repeatedly to build a financially sustainable structure, to ensure implementation of works of various types and volume, as well as to ensure implementation of commitments taken.

Since May 2004 the Company has been a regular member of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber and has been registered in the Central Professional Registry of Construction Companies for all types of constructions.

Since November 2005 “Building Development Holding” EOOD has a certificate for successfully adopted Quality Management System EN ISO 9001:2008. Since October 2007 it has a certificate for designed and implemented Labor Conditions Management System, according to standard BS OHSAS 18001:2007. Since January 2008 the Company has had a certificate for implemented Environmental Management System in accordance with standard EN ISO 14001:2004, and since August 2012 the Company has been implementing successfully certified Social Responsibility Management System SA 8000:2008.

„Building Development Holding” EOOD has accumulated a wealth of experience and accomplishes full engineering, covering entire range of construction process, such as:

  • Study and design in the field of engineering infrastructure, transport-communication sites, redevelopment, landscaping and surveying works;
  • Industrial, underground and transport construction;

  • High-rise construction of public, administrative, industrial and residential buildings, hotel complexes, sports grounds and facilities;
  • Reconstruction, rehabilitation and modernization of already existing buildings;
  • Production of concrete, execution of earth works, construction activities by means of construction machinery and equipment, bulk loads, loading and unloading, boring for cast-in-situ piles, quarrying, formwork systems;
  • Investments, design, construction and management of real properties.

„Building Development Holding” EOOD has implemented some of the most important water projects in the country, and it has the largest market share among Bulgarian companies that have realized implementation of similar plants. Only in Bulgaria “Building Development Holding” EOOD has constructed and successfully put into operation five treatment plants. The excellent work of the Holding Company in the field of high-rise construction and implementation of complex infrastructure projects, prove the dominant position of the Company among construction companies in the country.

“Building Development Holding” EOOD is certified to work with classified information and have a security clearance for work on NATO project sites, with access level “NATO Secret”.