Zornitza Sands Hotel

The five-star hotel complex “Zornitza Sand” SPA is situated on the first line, on the very sea coast, close to “Elenite” Holiday Village. The hotel has 212 rooms and 32 suites, of total accommodation of 500 beds, and all rooms have sea view.

The hotel complex has a lobby bar, main restaurant and a-la-cart restaurant, gym and SPA center, night club, stores, two swimming pools and a beach bar. Its location combines sea and mountain in perfect harmony.

“Building Development Holding” EOOD has executed within 4 months repair-rehabilitation works for reconstruction, modernization, internal furnishing and entire renovation of the building of the hotel. Vertical leveling and landscaping of the hotel surrounding area, of total area of 18 hectares and the adjoining park lands of the hotel have been designed and executed.

“Building Development Holding” has constructed a local waste water treatment plant and its own source for ecologically clean water for 1,200 residents. The treatment plant is designed to treat household-fecal waste waters from the hotel complex. To achieve the required performance of effluent, a technological scheme is seleceted, including mechanical treatment and biological treatment through a process with activated sludge under the conditions of “continuous aeration with sludge stabilization of sludge.”