WWTP Peshtera

In September 2013 „Building Development Holding” EOOD started the realization of project site „Engineering (detailed design, coordination, execution of construction, designer’s field supervision, supply and installation of technological equipment, training of personnel and commissioning) of project site “Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) in the Town of Peshtera”, under Project “Upgrading of Integrated Water Cycle in the Town of Peshtera”, financed under OP “Environment 2007 – 2013”, and Peshtera Municipality was the Conracting Authority. Construction was completed within the specified contractual period and the project site was taken over in August 2015 with Permit to Use received.

Within the Project the following activities have been carried out, namely engineering works on designing works at detailed design phase, execution of construction of WWTP, intake manifold and supporting technical infrastructure, designer’s field supervision over performance of supply and installation of technological equipment, all-up testing, measurements and taking over of the project site, training of operating personnel and commissioning of the WWTP of the town of Peshtera for 25 000 PE.