Karnobat – Sindel Tunnel

“Building Development Holding” EOOD has executed the construction on sub-site “Lozarevo-Prilep Sector from km18+663 to km23+108”, including a railway tunnel No1” of the project site “Doubling and Electrification of Karnobat-Sindel Railway Track”.

The project site includes the construction of a 756m long tunnel, excavation on an existing embankment, earthworks on a railway, demolition of old culverts under the railway with disassembly of mold batteries, tunnel execution.

The project site is part of the European Transport Corridor No 8 (the town of Varna – ferry complex Varna West – Sindel railway station – Karnobat railway station – the city of Sofia – Gyueshevo railway station). The investments are provided by the National Railway Infrastructure Company, on the basis of funds by the State Agency “National Road Network” and the national investment program of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The tunnels are the most significant facilities on the new electrified double-track railway line in Karnobat – Sindel section. They are two-way tunnels, entirely meeting the European dimension and operation requirements.

The section, in which is the constructed facility, has complicated geological conditions, which requires making a correction of the nearby Patomishka River, including earthworks and construction of a culvert at the access to the tunnel from Prilep.

The earthworks as per the project, executed by “Building Development Holding” EOOD, have been completed ahead of schedule by two weeks in early December 2008.